A discursive investigation to explore peoples

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Michel Foucault

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Definition of discursive in English: discursive. adjective.

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Archaic words. Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones. Read more. Find Out More. ‘Getting People on Board’: Discursive leadership for consensus building in team meetingsi Abstract Meetings are increasingly seen as sites where organizing and strategic change takes place, but the role of specific discursive strategies and related linguistic-pragmatic and argumentative devices, employed by meeting chairs, is little understood.

This study aims to explore the discursive strategies used by Weibo users to challenge the official discourse in response to crisis events by drawing upon a case study of the Tianjin explosions, one of the most serious industrial accidents in China that attracted national and international attention, from the perspective of discourse analysis.

A discursive investigation to explore people’s perception of attitudes towards singleness since the war Abstract Previous work, for example Wetherell and Reynolds, into this topic are has shown that the socially constructed nature of singleness has polarized interpretative repertories; two are positive as in independence or self-actualisation and negative as in deficit or social exclusion.

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Discursive institutionalism is expected to shed light on the agency during those critical junctures through the study of ideas and discourse. Although agency is a significant parameter in explaining change, another parameter is time, and critical junctures are an integral part of time.

The problem of the material relationship between language, discourse, and the social or between the discursive (feminist theory) and the non-discursive (women's lives divided by exploitative and oppressive social relations) can be resolved through the conceptualization of discourse as ideology.

Social exclusion A discursive investigation to explore peoples
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