A thought experiment on consequentialism

Utility monster

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Utilitarianism and the Transplant Surgeon Objection

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The Consequences of Accepting Consequentialism

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Thought experiments like this seem to me more useful in that they bring out the other axes we are *actually* considering in our choices. And utilitarianism does. The "Experience Machine" thought experiment, and my "Harm Game" scenarios, are meant to put pressure on the value theory underlying Utilitarianism.

(Remember what that is?) So, if the hedonist value theory does seem to be in trouble, we could turn this into an argument against Utilitarianism.

(What. Jun 28,  · Utilitarianism: The issue of motives. Utilitarianism is a well worn field, and it can be very difficult to find well-rounded responses and arguments. This argument often draws attention to the following thought experiment.

The argument states that, based on Mill’s form of consequentialism, you have done the wrong thing. » Downloadable RTF of this piece. One of the most commonly-posed objections to the moral doctrine of hedonistic utilitarianism (read: principle of greatest utility, principle of greatest happiness, or whatever label pleases), the consequentialist prescription that advocates actions only which increase pleasure and decrease pain for all affected, is a thought experiment sometimes referred to.

A thought experiment (German: Gedankenexperiment, Gedanken-Experiment, (See Consequentialism). John Searle imagines a man in a locked room who receives written sentences in Chinese, and returns written sentences in Chinese, according to a sophisticated instruction manual.

Bernard Williams Analysis Of A Thought Experiment Philosophy Essay. Print Reference Thought experiments are a good way to provide us with a way of producing knowledge by stepping out of the domain of the real and day to day affairs.

Consequentialism will not recognize the difference between George not taking the job offer and.

A thought experiment on consequentialism
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