Alternative to brainstorming

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How to Do Brainstorming

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Is there an alternative word / phrase for 'brainstorm'?

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A magic alternative involves using both white and interesting cards. However, local hides two major problems:. Brainstorming is Bollocks! Brainstorming – it’s a popular creativity technique that many (if not all) of us have used.

And we tend to use brainstorming because it’s the best way to get the most out of a team when generating ideas, right? To throw a spanner in the works, at Inventium we like to sayRead more.

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Evaluation Briefs. 2. most important items from the group list and writes one idea on each index card. Next, each member ranks the five ideas selected, with the most important receiving a. I’m not a big fan of mind mapping, though I concede that it does have its uses.

Recently, I learned of a different approach to brainstorming that seems both more practical and better grounded in the way the mind works than traditional, Buzan-style mind mapping. A possible alternative to brain storming is NGT. This technique was originally developed by Delbecq and VandeVen 2 and has been applied to adult education program planning by Vedros 3.

This technique is a structured variation of small group discussion methods. Brainstorming Web. Ideas and questions are linked. Brainstorming is creative thinking by a group of people designed to generate a number of ideas to solve a given problem.

Fishbone template. When you download this Fishbone Diagram template for Root Cause Analysis, you also get a second template for root cause mapping, and many more Excel templates for problem solving, lean six sigma process improvement, and lean management.

Alternative to brainstorming
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