Amusement park

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Amusement park

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Best Amusement Parks - the United States

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An amusement park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes. A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes.

Best Amusement Parks - the United States

Unlike temporary and mobile funfairs and carnivals, amusement parks are stationary and built. This park kicked Cedar Point out of its top spot ranking as the amusement park with the most roller coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain has 18 coasters, including the Green Lantern.

Lake Compounce is the premier family theme park & waterpark in New England and the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America. With more rides and attractions than anyone can experience in one day, there's no doubt that Lake Compounce is.

Six Flags. Used with permission. Whether you'll be on vacation and want to include roller coasters and other park fun on your trip, or you are just seeking nearby parks for a day trip, this is your one-stop resource for locating theme parks and amusement parks throughout the United States.

From the. TripAdvisor - Travelers' Choice Awards. Find out what the best amusement parks in the United States are as awarded by millions of real travelers. Pittsburgh's Best Amusement Park. Kennywood is America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Park, and the best destination near Pittsburgh for family-friendly fun!

Amusement park
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