Corruption a slow poison

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Political Corruption Essay

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Corruption in Pakistan Police

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Jul 19,  · The next day, nearby shepherds and farmers reported that their flocks were collapsing, followed by a slow, agonizing death. Initial symptoms included acting dazed, staggering uncontrollably, and necks jerking from side to side.

It was scarcely possible that the eyes of contemporaries should discover in the public felicity the latent causes of decay and corruption. This long peace, and the uniform government of the Romans, introduced a slow and secret poison into the vitals of the empire.

Miasma's increase in power if the target is afflicted with Slow Death Strike and/or Grim Corruption. Miasma: Face Stab - Basic for all Assassins. Consumes Grim Corruption and Slow Death Strike. Deals increased damage for each effect consumed.

Miasma: Lotus-Coated Dart - Located in Lotus Tree. Consumes Slow Death Strike to do poison damage over time. Dec 02,  · Polonium is a radioactive poison, a slow killer with no cure. One gram of vaporised polonium can kill about million people in just a couple of months.

The most famous case of polonium poisoning is that of ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Corruption is like a slow poison to the body. Our political system is corrupt, administrators are corrupt, executives are corrupt, legal system is corrupt. When the public approach for their needs authorities asks for bribe to do the job.

10 Poisons Used To Kill People Corruption a slow poison
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