Dexter morgen vigilante serial killer

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Vigilante Couple

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The Real 'Dexter': Did Manuel Pardo Inspire Showtime Serial Killer?

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Dexter’s mother was a drug addict, which put her at risk when she became an informant on the Estrada cartel for Dexter’s adoptive father, detective Harry Morgan.

Angered by the information that Dexter’s mother was giving the detective, three Estrada henchmen brutally. Dexter is a serial killer in Miami, FL from Dexter, a series on Showtime; however Dexter only kills murderers.

Dexter is considered a felon and his actions are a capitol offense. Many would consider that grounds for Dexter to be thrown into jail, or even face death-row.

Lumen Pierce & Dexter Morgan The Vigilante Couple are two killers responsible for the murders of a group of rapists. The name derived from Detective Debra Morgan 's observation that the men thought to have killed and murdered twelve women were disappearing. Test information.

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Vigilante Couple

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer. He is a sociopath. He is also a hero. Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall on Showtime) is an incredibly complex character best fitting the role of a vigilante.

Dexter became who he is for two main reasons. First of all, he witnessed the murder of his mother at the age of three.

Dexter morgen vigilante serial killer
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