Difference between interprete advocate roles

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Whats the difference between advocacy and interpreting?

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Apr 18,  · RE:Whats the difference between advocacy and interpreting? Follow 7 answers Source(s): For Legal solutions I always recommend this site where you can find all the dailywn.com: Resolved. Codes of ethics for medical interpreters and competencies of cultural mediators are considered in order to clarify role boundaries and to explore similarities and differences between the two roles.

Keywords: cultural mediation, interpreting, medical interpreter, ethics, impartiality, professionalism, culture, accuracy. Start studying TCI (The Community Interpreter). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Search. -Advocate quality working conditions-Show respect for professionals Any time the interpreter steps outside their interpreter role. One interpreter stated that her “role is primarily that of support while waiting”.

Interpreters must be sensitive to deaf people’s individual needs. The focus group participants made a distinction between being staff interpreters and working as community interpreters for an agency or independent contractors working for the hospitals.

In these cases, even if the advocate is a qualified interpreter, it can be difficult to maintain the boundary between the interpreter’s role and the sexual assault victim advocate’s confidential role.

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