Economic turmoil

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Why economic turmoil in Iran is causing big problems in Afghanistan

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Argentina's Macri announces new export taxes and ministry cuts amid economic turmoil

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Global Economic Prospects

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Argentina's Macri announces new export taxes and ministry cuts amid economic turmoil Argentines have been badly affected by skyrocketing inflation.

Financial crisis

A recession is a significant decline in activity across the economy lasting longer than a few months. A speculative bubble exists in the event of large, sustained overpricing of some class of assets. One factor that frequently contributes to a bubble is the presence of buyers who purchase an asset based solely on the expectation that they can later resell it at a higher price, rather than calculating the income it will generate in the future.

Nov 01,  · Weaponized Debt: Italy Doubles Down on Threat to Euro Stability SPIEGEL ONLINE - November 01, Fears are growing that the euro crisis may soon return.

Euro Crisis

Italy could spark a. May 02,  · There is a gut feeling that there is something deeply wrong with the global economic situation today. The global economy is still stuck in “recovery” mode six years after the global financial.

Economic turmoil
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