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I Never Had It Made

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I Never Had It Made by Jackie Robinson - PDF free download eBook

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I Never Had It Made is Robinson's own candid, hard-hitting account of what it took to become the first black man in history to play in the major leagues.

Jackie Robinson Day is a traditional event which occurs annually in Major League Baseball, commemorating and honoring the day Jackie Robinson made his major league debut. April 15 was Opening Day inRobinson's first season in the Major dailywn.comted for the first time on April 15,Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated each year on that day.

-Jackie Robinson may have been one of, or the best, baseball player ever. -Known for courage, determination - Unlike the movie, "42," this book shows his struggles, rewards, losses, and his final outlook--"I never had it made.".

I Never Had It Made [Jackie Robinson, Ossie Davis] on dailywn.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A straightforward yet inspiring story of what it took to be the first man of color to break into the white world of professional sports.

Jackie Robinson's story is more than a telling of his tremendous talent; it is also a recollection that showcases his tenacious spirit. Jackie Robinson became the first black man to play major league baseball in the twentieth century when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, He went on to become the first black player to be named Rookie of the Year, to win the Most Valuable Player award, and to be inducted into.

Jackie Robinson accomplished many things and had endured many problems even within his own family. He talks about the drug problems that plagued his oldest son and all the hardships his children had to go through being the sons and daughter of a famous African-American figure.5/5(6).

Jackie robinson i never had it made
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