Province of enga

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West New Britain Province

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Enga Veetu Mapillai Contestant Lists, Elimination, Winner, Results

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Enga tribes

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The unique thing about Enga Province is that it is dominated by only one language.

PNG's Enga province feels spillover unrest from Hela

This language is Enga, hence the name of their province and the name of their major ethnic group. However there are other minor ethnic groups with their own languages in the province.

Enga Province is located in the north most region of the highlands of PNG, having been divided from the Western Highlands to become a separate province when the provinces were created at the time of independence in The people of Enga are called Engans—they are a majority ethnic group—speaking one language in all its five districts.

Enga unrest unrelated to Kandep election: PNG police chief 16 May PNG's police commissioner says the latest tribal fighting in Enga province should not be linked to an election dispute. No cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) have been reported this week. The total numbers of WPV1 cases in is Five WPV1 positive environmental samples were reported this week: two from Jalalabad district, two from Kandahar district, and one from Lashkargah district.

Enga, province, west-central Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It was separated from the Western Highlands district in and created as a province in Located north and east of the Southern Highlands province, Enga comprises the western half of the central plateaus.

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Province of enga
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