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Their reinforcement is so inhumane that they become difficult to rats. Trash by Andy Mulligan “At times both light hearted and harrowing, Trash is aimed at independent child readers (roughly ages 9 – 12).

The hero and primary narrator of the novel, 14 year old Raphael Fernández, is a dumpsite boy, making a living sifting through piles of rubbish.

trash raphael quotes Thu, 27 Sep GMT trash raphael quotes pdf - GMT trash raphael quotes pdf - GMT trash raphael quotes pdf - Trash Raphael Fernandez is one of the main characters in the novel ‘Trash’.

In this book Raphael starts as a poor boy sifting through worthless.

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Trash follows the lives of three boys; Raphael Fernandez (Rickson Tevez), Rato (Gabriel Weinstein) and Gardo (Eduardo Luis). The three are best friends living in.

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Jan 13,  · For example, I had one Year 7 student state that Raphael is definitely from South America, because of the surname ‘Fernandez’.

Another student corrected him, saying that he was assuming this fact. Aug 17,  · Trash by Andy Mulligan is a story of a dumpsite boy living with his aunt. Although he does not have much, he has his friend by his side to make the best out of this situation.

One day, He finds something at work and changes his life.

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The protagonist is Raphael Fernandez. He is kind. 81 rows · In addition to these wins, FAMAS has also nominated Rudy Fernandez an additional 13 .

Trash raphael fernandez
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